Sunday, January 17, 2010

Onesie Cookies

As a party favor for Carol's baby shower, I made cookies in the shape of onesies.  I purchased a cookie cutter in the shape of a onesie.  I baked basic sugar cookies, and decorated them using royal icing which I had tinted pink.  My mom was impressed with my steady hand and how quickly I was able to get all 25 cookies decorated.  Granted, I did some online research and decided to go with the simplest design I could find.

I made tags using leftovers from the hot pink paper I had from the invitations, put the cookies in bags, stapled it shut and was on my way.

I may have let some curse words slip as part of the "put the cookies in bags" part of the day.  I had planned on using 4"x6" cello bags left over from the wedding (since I have approximately 915 of them left), but since the cookies are 4"x4", the baggies were a tiny bit too small.  My mom and I stopped our party preparations and ran over to Michael's (thankfully, it's only a few minutes from their house), and picked up new bags, which said they were something like 5"x8".  Perfect!  Well, not-so-perfect.  Instead of being rectangular in shape, they were round, then narrowed towards the top (kind of like a flower vase), and the cookies still didn't fit!  I wasn't about to take another trip to Michael's no matter how close by it was, so I cut slits in one side of the bag and managed to get the cookies inside. I don't think anyone noticed, which is all that really mattered, but next time I'll double -- or even triple -- check to make sure that I have the right size bags!!

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